Royal Cut Cattle Company

Serving the Cattle Industry Since 1999

The Royal Cut Cattle Company raises registered Angus cattle in Northern California with a focus on genetic excellence. Our bulls are bred to have strong EPDs, especially in the Ribeye area and $BEEF with attention to high fertility and calving ease.

We breed cattle that work well with dairy cattle and purebred Angus to sire offspring with superior performance in feedlots. These offspring will add profitability through exceptional carcass results.

Current Cattle For Sale

Our current inventory of cattle and herd sires for sale.

Five J Diamond 20B8
Reg#: AAA 19295891
$Beef 158
Ribeye area +.84
Weaning Weight +76

Five J Pow Wow 42C8
Reg#: AAA 19295896
$Beef 139
Ribeye area +.89
Weaning Weight +50

Five J Brickyard 5B0
Reg#: AAA 19855068
$Beef 180
Ribeye area +1.11
Weaning Weight +70

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